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Terms and Conditions

Kompisen.se a.k.a KompisPad is a free service maintained by the non-profit organization "En Kompis Kompis".
We hope you find it useful, but availability or performance cannot be guaranteed. Use at your own risk.
EKK cannot be held liable for any loss or damages that are caused by the result of our service.
Please export your data regularly.

Privacy Policies

A public pad is public!
And people may copy share and remix that data, as that's the reality of the internets, a reality we love!
If you want to keep your texts for yourself, go team site!
With that said, we won't republish your content elsewhere or hand it over to any third party without your written consent.
But please note that any public pad may be read by anyone who has or can guess the URL.

A private pad should be private!
We will try to keep it that way, and won't let anyone read it on purpose, but can't guarantee the safety of
your private / "team site" data. Hacks are always possible.